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Our company, InoxMester-Team Kft. [Ltd.], deals with the processing of stainless steel, brass and aluminium, with a special focus on fulfilling individual customer demands and personal expectations in the area of interior design and furnishing.

Attila BundikIn addition to our traditional products like railings and staircases, we put more and more emphasis on the manufacture of stainless steel furniture, dedicating ourselves to high-quality and exquisite design reached by combining our furniture with wood, glass, PMMA etc. with the contribution of our sub-contractors like joiners, glaziers and others. Our com-pany has already implemented stainless steel furnishing for numerous famous stores, banks, hotels, thermal baths, theatres and private houses, including well-known fashion companies like Roland, Saxoo, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, stores such as VitaJuice and C&A, as well as the Hungarian branch offices of Raiffeisen and CIB banks and the foreign offices of Tag Heuer. One of our major projects was the manufacture of railings (ca. 2,200 m), parti-tion structures of glass and stainless steel (ca. 500 m2) and other stainless steel work for Velence Resort & Spa. Furthermore, we are regular suppliers of the Switzerland-based company Belux via its Hungarian affiliate Emika Zrt. [Plc.] with its registered office in Kalocsa, supplying them lamp bases, foremost in premium quality. Also noteworthy is our cooperation with the Székesfehérvár-based Wenga Maufacture Kft. [Ltd.]: we manufacture various lamp frames (around 70 different designs) for their chandeliers and lamps, as well as other stainless steel accessories required for the manufacture of their luxury furniture.

With the construction of the stainless steel base, our company also participated in the man-ufacture of the sample product of the Hug Chair (that was conceived by the designer Gabri-ella Asztalos and won the grand prizes of Singapore International Furniture Design Award and New York ICFF 2011) that has been a world-wide success. This sample product was displayed at the Singapore World Expo, and later on in New York.

Nota bene: the designer contacted several West European companies in respect of the man-ufacture of this sample product, but none of these companies were willing (or rather brave enough) to accept the challenge. This was when she started searching for domestic solu-tions and encountered our company, which finally resulted in the creation of the metal base structure by us.

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Attila Bundik

About Us

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